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John Charles - United Kingdom


Dental Implant + Crowns

Saphia Mohamed S., Turkey



Absolutely amazing. I love the finished result. Staff are really kind and helpful I am so great full. I'm glad I got my teeth done here, would definitely come back and recommend it to others. One of the best in Turkey in my opinion. Again thank you for everything


Lux S. UK


Dental Implants

After 4 months of research and getting different treatment plans and prices from many companies all over the world ( india pakistan thailand hungary and turkey )
All based on the same panoramic xray i was so confused as Didnt really understand the treatment plans and why such a different range of treatment plans and costs.
I Finally decided on 2 companies both based in istanbul and both who contacted me via
Treatment plans were similar and the prices to.

I had told both the sales people on the monday i would make a final descision on friday with who i would go with as still had some reservations as one company wanted a lot of money upfront and my treatment was going to be in 2 stages which Didnt give me much peace of mind.

And the second company treated me like an idiot making comments like the offer will end soon and ticket prices are getting expensive.
As i fly to istanbul quite frequentlly i knew the prices would go up but as i was in no rush on when i went i knew this wouldnt be a issue.

On Tue out of the blue kenan contacted me from uzmanlar and asked me if he could assist in Anyway.
I told him he was a bit late and that i had short listed 2 companies and was going to do Buisness with one of them and was going to give one of them a firm descion on friday.
So he was a bit late and i didnt want to go through all the hassle of another company and getting further confused and didnt want to waste his time
He replied to give him an opportunity as i had nothing to lose.
So i sent him the xray.
A short while later had a phone call And spoke wIth dentist.
On thu got a treatment plan that was explained in easy to understand english and was a lot better then the others i Had spoken to.
The price was very good too.
By thu evening i had agreed with kenan that i would get the treatment with them as he had ticked all my boxes and explained everything in detail and done the quote how i wanted it.
I asked for transfers ,hotel to be included in the price as wanted a firm price as didnt want the hassle of looking around myself as i Had to have extensive work to my teeth.

In the end we had agreed to 12 teeth being removed,gum treatment,4 implants to the top,temporary fixed teeth in zirconium,and then 3 months later 28 zirconium teeth.

They had to put an extra implant in but never changed the price.
Treatment was done with in the 5 days that was specified.
I cannot fault these guys in Any way and if your seriuos about getting dental work done this is a company that should definatley be on your list. As for me my temporary teeth look so good that sometimes i think do i really need to go back 😊😊
10 out of 10 to all at Uzmanlar.


Belinda O., UK


Dental Implants, Fillings, Root Canals, Extractions, Veneers

We went to London for a free consultation and got a detailed explanation of the procedure & timescale for my partner to get a full set of teeth. We flew to Besiktas and from word go we had the most excellent & professional service. In 7 days they did: root canals, fillings, tooth removal, implants, filing down existing teeth and made veneers to fit both top & bottom teeth. Will highly recommend this practice as very specialised in this dentist field. We are 100% happy - thanks a million.


Hanine, Australia



I initially came from Australia to get veneers in Turkey, however, after seeing me the dentist recommended I get Invisalign as my teeth were protruding and veneers will make that worse. I was happy with his honesty and I love his work.

The clinic was hygienic with friendly staff, waiting times were not long and the dentist worked around our free time as we weren't always in the area.


Waleed, Turkey


Perfect service and communication where the customer is the main focus especially when you are abroad. Also, you definitely need a guide and they did provide me with all the info. I am happy with my results. Thanks.

Simon Deane-Cutler, UK


Dental Crowns, Root Canals

I had to have extensive work. Root canal treatment on several teeth, repair to a broken tooth, numerous crowns due to my 45 years of grinding teeth. Dr.Omer said it was a very severe case of bruxism, and it was, my teeth were almost gone! I was in a lot of pain when I arrived. I am now home and completely pain-free with a great set of teeth. What a great experience, friendly, polite helpful staff, clean and professional clinic, and a superb job on my teeth which needed a lot of work doing and at a very reasonable price.

I couldn't fault my experience here and I will use this clinic and the help of Dr.Omer in the future should I require it. They even ensured my safety by giving me lifts and escorting me to my hotel nearby. This cost me 25% of what I would have paid in the UK. Don't hesitate to inquire about this clinic. It's not a clinic like one of the big production lines where love island and TOWIE Instagram influencers go, it's a small friendly, and professional clinic! Perfect.


A. Awad, Saudi Arabia


Dental Implants, Zirconia Crown

had two molar teeth that needed treatment but was not sure between implant or zircon. In this clinic I was seen by Dr.Omar initially had x-ray then a consultation of 3 dental surgeons to reach the best option for me which was an implant in one and zirconia crown on the other. This was explained to me in detail and the plan was made for treatment in my time frame of 5 days. I find this was great, the staff was friendly, experienced, professional and respectful. The clinic was really clean, well equipped and the service was excellent.

Sara, Turkey

I absolutely loved the clinic and the staff as they were all very friendly and made me feel comfort


The main person that took me through my perfect smile journey is Kenan, who is an amazing person that supported me throughout my treatment. Throughout the whole process, I was treated in a very respectful and friendly way where I got picked up from the airport to my hotel to the clinic as I arrived early afternoon. I decided to get 2 Emax Laminate Veneers completed. They explained everything to me and went through all the days I will need to come back. The process overall took 5-6 days. I went back a good couple of times and each time, all staff were friendly and reached my needs! I absolutely loved the clinic and the staff as they were all very friendly and made me feel comfortable, there was also NO PAIN throughout the process and I am incredibly afraid of pain. I am extremely happy with my treatment and where I got it completed from! The area is AMAZING!!! I would definitely recommend this place to you all!!

Zack W. Turkey

Thank you so much for changing my smile, am very happy with it

Dentist Consultation

Thank you so much for changing my smile, am very happy with it. The clinic is very clean and very friendly staff also they picked me up at the clinic for the treatment so that was very helpful. Would definitely recommend this clinic if you're looking to have a great smile!!!

Nida Amro, US

Very friendly staff, cooperative and understanding

Zirconia Crown

I came to the clinic for a second opinion. They were honest and knowledgeable. I needed a crown and chose to have a zirconia crown. It took them one day to have it all done and ready, which was impressive compared to my experience in the US. The treatment was great and prices were reasonable. The doctor was Professional in her work and sincerely delivered good satisfaction. I had a pleasant experience. I was picked up and drove back by their people. Very friendly staff, cooperative and understanding. The clinic itself is not in a major street neither was high-end building, it's in a modest narrow local shopping area with narrow streets full of pedestrians. Regardless of that the service and the equipment used were up to date and modern. I will go back to them for more treatments if I ever need to in the future.

Mara, UK

Friendly, professional and exceeded my expectations

Inlay or Onlay, Fillings, Invisalign

Through several conversations with the very helpful and friendly Kenan, I initially booked a consultation just to have a second opinion given, with the notion to potentially have treatment at a later visit (months later), but upon entering the clinic, I was so impressed with the quality and care provided by Dr. Omer and his staff, that I decided to proceed with treatment (onlay fillings to fix transparency of teeth, and Invisalign to fix minor overcrowding of the front incisors). I am very glad I visited the clinic and for sure will be coming here again in the future! The quality and expertise at this clinic are better than I could have ever received back home (in the UK) as well as very reasonable prices! Thank you, Dr. Omer :) Friendly, professional and exceeded my expectations!

Ahmed Miqdad, Norway

The dentist were very friendly and professional


I have done 8 Emax veneers and my mother had done 3 implants and 1 crown. Dr. Omer and Mr. Kenan were very friendly and lovely and all of the staff at the clinic were lovely. Dr. Omer is very Professional. I advise everyone who will be happy with the treatment and prices to go there. I will go back with my mother in October to fix her crown. The clinic was very clean. Dr. Omer deserves more than 5 stars!!

Kamer Midilli, Turkey

I was very well looked after

Veneers, Dental Crowns

I had 4 Emax veneers and 2 Emax crowns on my top 6 teeth. My experience was very good and I am 100% happy with the results of my new smile. I was very well looked after by Dr. Omer and his team. I would recommend them to everyone looking to improve their teeth and smile.

Simon Barkho, Australia

The service great and price was better than fair and they listen to you


I had major dental work with dr omer and the service was exceptional from the minute i walked in there till the end will recommend. The service great and price was better than fair and they listen to you.

Othman, Saudi Arabia

Friendly staff and lovely people at the clinic

Dental Implants, Dental Crowns

I have done 1 implant + crown both treatments went smooth and i highly recommend this clinic, friendly staff and lovely people at the clinic. very responsible price too. I loved the staff and helpful attitude for the patient. Dr.Omer Kodan is very professional dentist and I liked his post-treatment directions throw whatsapp with me. highly recommend

Ahmed, US

Excellent final result as well as a kind doctor

Dental Implants, Dental Crowns

I definitely recommend. " I came all the way from Michigan. Dr.Omer Kodan is very professional. He knows how to get excellent final result as well as a kind doctor. We discussed all the options available for my dental implant treatment. The clinic very nice, clean and modern you feel very comfortable in your visit as well as the staff very friendly like Dr.Omer. Mr. Omer opened the clinic on Sunday for me with her staff. I highly recommend Dr. Omer for quality dental care and any one looking for high quality dentistry in Istanbul, Turkey.

Alexander, Russia

It was a very great experience and free of pain.


Good Service Quality of Dentist & Support Staff

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