Laminated Dental Veneers

Laminated Dental Veneers


Laminated Veneers


Porcelain Laminated Veneers are very thin, structured porcelain laminated ceramics cemented on the forward-facing surfaces of teeth.
These are the surfaces framed by the lips and cheeks. Usually, they can be applied without any need for the teeth to be prepared, however sometimes they require a 0.3 mm preparation of teeth. Laminated veneers allow light to pass through them, due to being thin and not consisting of any metal.  In this manner, they seem just like natural teeth, and their aesthetic appearance is very successful. If personalized color correction and model studies are done, a totally natural appearance is assured.


What is the Laminate Veener?

Laminate veneers are commonly used dental veneers. Porcelain laminate veneers, which have become popular especially since the beginning of the 2000’s, can provide an excellent aesthetic appearance with conservative methods and without much abrasion of the tooth tissue.

Laminate veneer is a process that; removes the color changes which distort the natural white of the teeth, fixes minor deformities that occur in the form of teeth, and eliminates deformation.

Unlike commonly known, laminates are not a type of porcelain. When laminate porcelain is used, it should be understood that the preparations to be made on the teeth will be carried out in a conservative way, with only minor abrasions of the necessary parts to complement the aesthetic with the damaged areas.

Although it is stated in many sources that laminate veneers can be done without any cutting, these cases do not exceed 30% of all cases in order to adjust the end point of the gum and obtain a certain thickness. This means that if necessary, the physician will make some corrections and abrasions, even if these are small ones.


To Which Patients Can Porcelain Laminates Be Applied To?


  • Anterior teeth with coloration problems.
  • In crooked, irregular, inclined teeth with level problems.
  • Spaced teeth.
  • Large, old fillings with color problems.
  • Restoration of broken and worn teeth.
  • Coloration due to antibiotic and excessive fluoride use which cannot be treated with teeth whitening.
  • They can be applied when the patient is not cosmetically satisfied with the teeth.


How To Take Care Of Porcelain Laminates?

Their care is not very different from natural teeth, they can be used without any problems for years with good oral care.


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