What We Offer?

  • Location

    Our clinic at a major point in Istanbul
    - You can visit many places like Hagia Sophia (Blue Mosque), Topkapi Palace, Galata Tower and much more...
    - Public Transportation Opportunity
    - Our clinic close to the port(walking distance)
    - You can do fix your dental problems while on vacation
    - And much more advantages to choose our clinic...
  • Expertise

    We work with dental specialists. We consider each case very carefully and we see you as one of our patients.
    - For each specific dental works you will be treated by a specialist dentist in that branch.
    - We use certified products at our clinic
    - We do all branches of dentistry
    - We work with English speaking staff
    - We offer dental treatment plans for even much complex cases at fully equipped hospital.
  • Affordability

    We offer the very affordable dental treatment services.
    - We will provide you alternative treatment services with the help of dental specialists.
    - You will get first class dental services with affordable cost
    - We do all branches of dentistry
    - We offer all-inclusive services (including hotel accommodation and taxi services)
    - No advance payment before travelling to Istanbul
  • Care

    Our best-in-class customer service is here to assist you before, during, and after the dental procedures.
    - We offer online consultation sessions
    - Instant messaging on WhatsApp support
    - Friendly, helpful, and responsive customer service
  • Golden Rule

    For us, all our customers are a part of our family. Therefore, if we do not want a treatment to be done to us, we do not provide it to our customers. Our motto is treating people the way we want to be treated.
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root canal (endodotics) in turkey veneer crown treatment in turkey dental consultation in turkey free

Our Works In Numbers (Per Year)

  • Istanbul Uzmanlar Dental Clinic Dental Implants
    Dental Implant
  • Istanbul Uzmanlar Dental Clinic Smile Design
    Smile Design
  • Istanbul Uzmanlar Dental Clinic Teeth Whitening
    Teeth Whitening
  • Istanbul Uzmanlar Dental Clinic Dental Prosthesis
    Dental Prosthesis
  • Istanbul Uzmanlar Dental Clinic Endodontics
  • Istanbul Uzmanlar Dental Clinic Orthodontics

Our Certificates

istanbul-turkey-uzmanlar-dental-clinic-awards istanbul-uzmanlar-dental-clinic-dental-departures-award Istanbul Uzmanlar Dental Clinic DentalDepartures Award istanbul-uzmanlar-cental-clinic-iso-9001-certificate
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